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Auto focus HD drive free 140 ° wide angle USB output camera module

The size of the mounting board of the 2 million automatic fixed focus HD drive free USB output wide angle camera module is 30mm x 29mm x18.5mm + 0.2 / - 0.2mm. The 140 ° ultra wide angle lens is connected with PCB board by two screws, and the sensor size is 1 / 4 "inch. The difference between the wide-angle camera and the ordinary camera is that the picture is different, and the scope of the wide-angle camera is larger. However, this disadvantage is that it will deform the image around, so there is no wide-angle camera without deformation.Auto focus camera module, drive free 140 ° wide angle module, USB output module。
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Can USB cameras be connected to our mobile phones? Of course, it can be connected, but it can't be used in general. We can plug and play on the computer not because of the camera, but because we have the driver installed in the computer program. The mobile phone has its own camera, so developers will hardly develop a special external camera driver.


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