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Mipi DVP fixde focus 2MP 5MP camera module

Mipi DVP fixde focus 2MP 5MP camera module,Mipi fixde focus 2MP camera module,DVP fixde focus camera module。
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Product Specification


1 / 2.7 "CMOS image sensor, lens and FPC, AR0230 are ultra clear CMOS image sensor chips developed by MgO Electronics Co., Ltd. It uses the company's latest pixel technology and image processing technology to provide customers with cost-effective photography solutions. This product can output different sizes of images, such as VGA, CIF, QVGA. Ensure the original picture quality, faster frame rate. Users can set the register to control the image of the 2-wire performance bidirectional synchronous serial bus. The sensor can output 1920x1080 30 frames per second. It also has AEC, AWB, LSC, etc. 

Mainly used in
Digital products
Computer camera
MIPI INTERFACE (module type : fixde  focus)
Mid tablet
Vehicle data recorder


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