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USB2.0 USB3.0 face recognition camera module module

USB2.0 USB3.0 face recognition camera module module, JSK technology provides a very complete range of customized USB face recognition camera modules. It is used in USB camera module, high frame rate global exposure object recognition, auto focus face recognition, biometric recognition, security, industrial control, medical vision, 5g artificial intelligence sensor, which is the best choice for the camera module industry.
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Product Specification


USB2.0 camera module, USB3.0 camera module, USB face recognition camera module, in which 1080p73 ° angle automatic focusing USB output camera module chip size 60mm x 10mm x 10 ± 0.3mm, embedded with encryption IC, storage, DSP chips, and an output interface. Three screw holes are reserved on the CPB board for the convenience of fixing the chip board on the instrument. Jsk_ S92_ 1080P_ The lens of the 2 million 1080p camera module of v2.0 (C01) is small and exquisite, so the black glue is used to fix on both sides of the patch panel. There are several capacitors and resistors on the chip board, and the product model is marked on the back of the board.


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