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63 ° viewing angle 720p auto focus USB driver free output camera module

2 million 63 ° viewing angle 720p automatic fixed focus USB drive free output camera group mode, small lens size, fixed on PCB board with black glue at high temperature, the size of the sensor is 1 / 3.7 ", which can automatically gain reinforcement, adjust brightness and adjust white balance, and finally convert optical signal into digital signal. The product model is marked on the back of PCB board, and the front side is inlaid with DSP chip, encryption IC, capacitance resistance and connection port. Finally, the DSP chip is used to process the digital signal from the sensor and transmit it to the PC terminal through the connection port and USB.
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Product Specification


JSK-0A24-V1.0  2 million 63 ° viewing angle 720p automatic focus USB drive free output camera group model, sensor size is 1 / 3.7 inch, unit pixel size is 3.4 * 3.4um. There are two factors affecting the image quality, one is the unit pixel size, the other is the sensor size. Therefore, compared with the same 2 megapixel USB output camera module, jsk-0a24-v1.0 has a wider sensor surface area and contains more pixels, so that the image quality can be better displayed. At the same time, the wide dynamic range is better, and the image has a stronger sense of hierarchy. It can better capture shadow details and avoid overexposure. Jsk-0a24-v1.0 wide dynamic 1080p Full HD USB camera module has 1 / 3.7 inch sensor, and the unit pixel size of 3.4 * 3.4um is more worthy of your choice.


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