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Medical endoscope camera module Surgical ICU

With the continuous development of the medical industry, there is a growing demand for high-precision and high-definition endoscopic camera in medical surgery and ICU emergency treatment. Our company is in the front of the industry, developing the Medical Surgery ICU endoscope camera module, and putting it into the market, which has been recognized by many well-known enterprises in the industry.
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Product Specification


Medical monitor. High contrast horizontal imaging (iPS technology) LCD panel achieves high standard ultra wide angle performance of 178 ° LCD display. 

4. Two input / dual screen display, multiple output interfaces: two kinds of input video can be displayed at the same time, which are the outside picture form of two split pictures and the picture in picture mode of the secondary picture in the main picture. The two pictures can be confirmed at the same time on one monitor to save space. According to the installed option module, + + HD-SDI, DVI and RGB signals can display the same signal through picture in picture and outside picture


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