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2MP wide dynamic camera AR0230 OV2735 Camera Modul COMS Sensor 2mp Camera Module

JSK-LA008MAMB-V1.1 2MP wide dynamic camera AR0230,OV2735 Mipi Csi Camera Module Cmos omnivision Sensor 2mp Camera Module JSK AR0230,OV2735 Mipi Csi摄像头模组1.27 INCH CMOS 导行传感器双目双镜头2MP金视康官网双目摄像头USB2.0,1.1 support
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Product Specification


JSK-LA008MAMB-V1.1 - 2MP 62 ° angle of view auto focus 110dB wide dynamic USB drive Free HD binocular face recognition camera module, a black-and-white lens and a color lens. We can observe the lens from the appearance. When a USB binocular living detection camera module is placed in a place with good light, we can see that the color lens reflects red light and the black-and-white lens reflects white light. This USB binocular vivisection camera module adopts 1 / 2.7 "Inch industrial grade binocular HD wide dynamic image COMS sensor can automatically strengthen the gain, adjust the brightness and adjust the white balance, and finally convert the optical signal into digital signal. The PCB board is embedded with an encryption IC, several capacitors and resistors, two wiring ports and a memory chip. An infrared light board is also installed between the lens and PCB board, and three infrared lights are embedded on the left and right sides respectively, which can automatically switch the night vision function.



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