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Industrial binocular 1/2.5" 2K resolution HDR 110dB camera PS5520lt sensor

JSK-033HDR-V1.0 1/2.5" 2K HDR binocular camera,PS5520LT sensor 5mp Dvp camera,Industrial binocular 1 / 2.5 "2K resolution HDR 110dB camera PS5520lt sensor 5MP
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Product Specification


JSK-033HDR-V1.0 Through the high-definition wide dynamic picture binocular camera,

Counterfeit fraud such as PS and video can accurately detect whether they are "living people" and "real people" to ensure live physical examination

Accuracy of measurement. Compared with most monocular plane vision technologies on the market, its detection accuracy

Higher, faster processing speed, less database maintenance and updating, wide camera, dynamic hard solution

The code has a clear imaging effect in the backlight scene and strong light background, so as to avoid exposure and black face

It overcomes the influence of various uncertain factors such as changing light and complex background environment on product performance Impact.


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