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2MP@30fps USB low lens camera USB2.0 wide dynamic 1080p resolution D=86°camera

JSK-S8130-V1.1 (C01) 1080p resolution D=86° H=73°V=59°camera,2MP@30fps USB low lens camera USB2.0 wide dynamic 1080p resolution D=86° H=73°V=59°camera 2MP@30fps USB 低镜头摄像头模组USB2宽动态1080P分辨率D=86° H=73°V=59°相机模组
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Product Specification


JSK-S8130-V1.1 (C01) camera module output diagram

High speed USB 2 interface like data. With high-performance packaging technology (special patent), it realizes high performance

The reliability of the compressed size of this module. It also has a wide dynamic range through the implementation of high sensitivity

And low noise. This product can output images of different sizes, such as 1080p, 720p, VGA, CIF,QVGA。


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