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Iris recognition USB UVC camera 850 narrow band camera face confirmation camera

JSK-LA003MC-V1.0- (A03)2304 * 1536 resolution palmprint confirmation camera module,Iris recognition USB UVC camera module,850 narrow band camera face confirmation camera module,850窄波段摄像人脸确认相机模组2304*1536分辨率掌纹确认摄像头模组
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Product Specification


JSK-LA003MC-V1.0- (A03) this camera module is developed for our company, specifically for 850 narrow band cameras,
It is widely used in face recognition, iris recognition, palmprint recognition and other applications. 2304 * 1536 resolution is adopted,

Support 1080p, 720p, etc,Different from ordinary cameras, this narrow band camera is combined with infrared lamp after adding filter use.


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