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4K Video resolution ratio 8MP Auto Focus camera 1/3.2 S5K3H7 COMS Sensor camera

JSK-SE075-V1.0 ( 8M) B01 4K Video resolution ratio camera 8MP Auto Focus 1/3.2" Camera Angle of view 86 degrees S5K3H7 COMS Sensor camera 4K分辨率视频模组8MP 自动对焦 1/3.2"摄像头对角86度 S5K3H7 COMS 传感器摄像头模组
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Product Specification


JSK-SE075-V1.0 ( 8M) B01

High quality color photo imaging at 4K resolution and video capabilities can now be easily embedded

Enter the next generation of products with low power consumption and low noise requirements, and phase with the new module jsk ‐ se075 ‐ v1.0

High speed USB 2.0 interface for image data output by computer module. High performance packaging technology,

It achieves high reliability of the compressed size of this module. It also has a wide dynamic range,

By implementing high sensitivity and low noise. This product can output images of different sizes, such as

For example, 3864 * 2218, 1080p, 720p, VGA, CIF, QVGA. Equal resolution


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