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cameras module of the combination and hongsoft solution is certified according to the international standard iso15008

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This international standard specifies the minimum requirements for image quality and readability of displays containing dynamic (variable) visual information presented to the driver of a road vehicle through the on-board transport information and control system (TICs) used when the vehicle is in motion. These requirements are intended to be independent of the display technology and, where necessary, include reference test methods and measurements to assess their compliance.

This international standard is mainly applicable to the perception of visual information and some basic cognitive components, including character readability and color recognition. It does not apply to other factors that affect performance and comfort, such as coding, format and conversational characteristics, or the display used

⎯ characters presented as part of symbol or picture information,

⎯ superimposed information about the field (e.g. head up display),

⎯ image (e.g. rear view camera),

⎯ map and terrain representation (e.g. map used to set up the navigation system), or

⎯ quasi static information

2. Normative references

The following references are essential for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited is applicable. For undated references, the latest version (including all amendments) of the standard is applicable.

ISO 4513, road vehicles - Visibility - Method for establishing the eyelid of the driver's eye position

CIE 17.4:1987, international lighting vocabulary

CIE 85:1989, solar spectral irradiance

SAE j1757 / 1:2007, standard measurement of on board displays
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