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JSK technology once again deeply participated in the 22nd China International hi tech fair Shenzhen

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As the world's leading supplier of ICT (Software Technology) camera module and intelligent terminal, Shenzhen JSK Technology Co., Ltd. once again participated in the 22nd China International hi tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the high tech Fair)

Under the theme of "let the cloud be everywhere, let the intelligence be omnipresent, and build the whole scene wisdom", the agent reference architecture of the camera module and the core products and solutions of the agent are displayed in various forms. The intelligent terminal facilities such as intelligent robot dog module, VR game module, free angle, intelligent camera module and other intelligent terminal facilities in the exhibition stand provide the exhibitors with novel and interesting interactive experience 。

Science and technology change life, innovation drives development. The successful holding of the 22nd high tech Fair will inject a boost into the high-quality development of China's economy in the era of post epidemic situation, when the construction of "new infrastructure" is written into the work report of local governments, and at the moment of China's economic recovery in the post epidemic era

From AI landing to inclusive AI, the construction of the whole scene smart city of the high tech fair needs the joint efforts of all industries. It will focus on the topic of "Ai leading the intelligent upgrading of the industry", and share the value of AI module entering into the core production and core application at the moment when AI has become the new driving force of economic and social development. Up to now, JSK technology has carried out artificial intelligence landing and practice in more than 600 projects in many industries across the country, helping industries, agriculture, medical care, education and other industries to upgrade their intelligence.
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