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standard terms for vehicle traveling data recorder

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Definition of standard terms for camera module of vehicle traveling data recorder
3.1Vehi cl e travel l ing data recorder
It can record, store and pass the speed, time, mileage, location and other state information of the vehicle
Digital electronic recording device for data output according to communication.
3. 2
Pulse coefficient I mpul se rati o
The number of pulse signals generated by the speed sensor in the process of driving 1km.
3. 3
Start ti me of travel l ing
The time when the vehicle changes from stationary state to driving state (the speed is greater than 0km / h and lasts for more than 10s).
3. 4
End ti me of travel l ing
The time for the vehicle to change from running state to stationary state (the speed is equal to 0km / h and lasts for more than 10s).
3. 5
Contin nuous drivi ng ti me
The driving time of the same driver between two adjacent parking and rest periods with time not less than 20min.
Note: parking time less than 20 minutes is included in continuous driving time.
3. 6
Start ti me of conti nuous drivi ng
The first driving start time after the parking and rest period with time not less than 20 minutes.
3. 7
End ti me of conti nuous drivi ng
When the same driver drives the vehicle, the next time after the start time of continuous driving is not less than 20 minutes before the parking rest period
The last driving end time.
3. 8
Overti me drivi ng
Continuous driving time is more than 4 hours.
3. 9
Calendar day
Beijing time from 00:00 to 24:00, a total of 24 hours.
3. 10
Current two calendar days
The calendar day in which the last driving end time of the vehicle and the previous calendar day.
3. 11
Positioning module
Simultaneous interpreting the output information of different sensors and automatically determining the functional modules of vehicle location.
3. 12
Positioning accuracy
The deviation between the geographical location determined by the positioning module and the actual position (2D RMS measurement).
3. 13
Position information
The longitude, latitude and altitude of the location module are located.
4 requirements
4.1 General requirements
4.1.1 composition
Vehicle traveling data recorder (hereinafter referred to as recorder) is mainly composed of the following parts:
a) Host: including power supply, control, storage, communication, positioning, display, print or output, clock, driver identification and other modules;
b) Speed sensor;
c) Data analysis software;
d) Driver identification card, wire, fuse, positioning antenna and other components.
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