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PB-08A00 (no touch) /PB-08AC0 (with touch) flat face recognition terminal adopts all aluminum alloy shell; waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistance; 8-inch LCD screen, super quad core CPU; binocular RGB + infrared camera; white, green, red three-color fill light, dual infrared fill light; can realize face detection, face recognition, attribute detection, living detection, etc., which is widely used in smart gold Integration, smart city, smart campus, smart construction site, smart Park, smart power, smart environmental protection, smart fire protection and management projects.

Core parameters (3288 / 3399)

CPU rk3288, quad core arm-a17, 1.8GHz

GPU Mali-T764

Storage capacity: 2G memory, 8g storage

CPU rk3399, six core dual core arm-a72 + four core arm-a53, 2.0GHz

GPU Mali-T764

Storage capacity: 2G memory, 8g storage


Fill light, infrared, led fill light

Card reader module optional IC reader

Network module supports wired, wireless (2.4gwifi), wireless (4G network card, USB external connection)


Audio 8 euro 1.5W speaker output

Video: built in hdmi2.0 type-A interface, 1 Mipi interface, not external connection

Two USB interfaces USB2.0 interfaces (one of which can switch OTG interface)

Serial communication interface RS232 serial port

Relay output 2.5mm terminal 3P

Wigan interface 2.5mm terminal 2p, supporting Weigan 26 / 34 input / output

Reset interface the exposed wire has a reset button

Wired network interface 2.5mm terminal 4P


Face detection supports monitoring and tracking 5 people at the same time

1: Top 1 hit rate of n face recognition is 99.9%

1: More than 99% of 1 person to certificate ratio

Stranger detection support

Recognition distance configuration support

UI interface support

Remote device upgrade support

Deployment mode: support the use of public network and local area network

General parameters

Protection grade: ip42, certain dust and water proof function

Power supply: DC12V – 2A (± 10%)

Working temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (thermostat optional)

Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Power consumption: 10W Max

Installation mode: column installation / wall mounting type

Equipment size: 24.5cm * 13.5cm * 1.8cm

Weight ≈ 2kg

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