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Selection of pan tilt / bracket of camera module, selection and setting of camera module

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The selection and setting of pan tilt / support shall meet the following requirements:

1. The PTZ / bracket shall be selected according to the operation requirements and shall be coordinated with the site environment.

2. When the monitoring object is a fixed target, the camera should be equipped with manual pan tilt, that is, universal support.

3. When the monitoring scene range is large, the camera should be equipped with electric remote control pan tilt, and the load capacity of the selected pan tilt should be greater than 1.2 times of the actual load; the working temperature and humidity range of the pan tilt should meet the requirements of the site environment.

4. When the pan tilt stops rotating, it should have good self-locking performance, and the horizontal and vertical angle return difference should not be greater than 0


5. The running speed (rotation angular speed) and rotation angle range of PTZ should be adapted to the tracking moving target and search range.

6. When the indoor electric pan tilt is under the maximum load, the sound intensity level of mechanical noise shall not be greater than 50dB.

7. Quick pan tilt or integrated remote control camera (including built-in pan tilt, etc.) can be configured as required.

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