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The camera module shall be matched with the camera and lens in the size and specification of the protective cover

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The camera module  for The size and specification of the protective cover shall be matched with the camera and lens.

6.0.5 the selection and setting of transmission equipment shall comply with the current national standard technical code for safety engineering

In addition to the relevant provisions of GB 50348, the following provisions shall also be met:

1. The transmission equipment shall ensure that the transmission bandwidth, carrier to noise ratio and transmission delay meet the requirements of the overall index of the system, and the interface shall adapt to the connection requirements of the front and rear end equipment.

2. The transmission equipment should have its own security protection measures, and should have the function of anti disassembly alarm; for the signals that need to be transmitted in secret, the equipment should support the function of encryption / decryption.

3. The transmission equipment should be set in the area easy to repair and protect, and should be close to the front / back-end video equipment.

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