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How to purchasing camera modules of what are the camera parameters?

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Before forming a terminal surveillance camera product, you need to customize the camera module from the camera module manufacturer. The module manufacturer will ask for the customization parameters of your product. Xiaojin friendly tips: when purchasing camera modules, you need to select camera module products with appropriate resolution, focal length, angle and depth of field from the camera module manufacturer according to the actual use scene.

What are the camera module parameters?

1. Focal length: refers to the distance from the optical center of the lens to the focus of light aggregation when parallel light is incident. The focal length of the camera determines the imaging size, field angle, depth of field and perspective of the picture.

2. Field of view angle: the included angle formed by taking the camera as the vertex and the object image of the measured target can pass through the two edges of the maximum range of the camera.

Depth of field: refers to the front and rear distance range of the subject measured by the camera module when it can obtain a clear image.

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