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How to purchasing camera modules of what is the effect of different focal lengths of camera modules?

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Before forming a terminal surveillance camera product, you need to customize the camera module from the camera module manufacturer. The module manufacturer will ask for the customization parameters of your product. Xiaojin friendly tips: when purchasing camera modules, you need to select camera module products with appropriate resolution, focal length, angle and depth of field from the camera module manufacturer according to the actual use scene.

1. The smaller the focal length, the closer the visual distance and the larger the field angle.

2. The larger the focal length, the farther the visual distance and the smaller the field angle.

In addition, it is necessary to provide the later functional features of the product, such as voice, night vision, backlight, living body, monocular and binocular and other specific details.

The above contents can help you avoid detours when customizing the camera module and improve the efficiency of communication between you and the camera module manufacturer.

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