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JSK technology launches: 15 million USB output HD camera module

作者:admin 发布时间:2020-09-02 15:24:43 点击量:2286
15 million USB output HD camera module, high frame rate automatic focus free drive USB2.0 output camera group mode, 86 ° viewing angle wide dynamic USB output camera group mode

Jsk-s8130-v3.0 2K5 million 86 ° viewing angle 30 frames / second wide dynamic automatic focusing and driving free USB output camera module is one of the most popular USB camera group models of jsk technology. Customers mainly focus on its 5 million pixel, 2K resolution, 30 frames per second speed, 105dB wide dynamic, clearer automatic focusing image, professional engineer team and perfect after-sales service.

There is a big difference between professional industrial camera and USB output camera. The industrial camera has clear image, good color restoration, simple operation and dynamic recording function. It is usually used in intelligent transportation, industrial detection, public security checkpoint, etc. USB camera is usually 30 frames / second speed, compared with industrial camera is not sensitive enough, can be used in supermarkets, convenience stores and other scenes. Use different cameras according to different scenarios.

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