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Solutions to common faults of camera module

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Common troubleshooting of lens

The realization of high performance of monitoring system depends on the perfect combination of camera and lens. In the monitoring project, if the professional technology of users or construction personnel is insufficient, the selection and installation of camera and lens are unreasonable, which will directly affect the overall effect of the system. Some common but easily ignored problems in the process of lens installation are summarized for your reference.

1. The image size of camera and lens does not match

If the image size of the lens is larger than the size of the camera chip, it can be imaged normally, but the field of view angle of the lens will be smaller than the nominal field angle; however, if the imaging size of the lens is smaller than the size of the camera chip, the dark angle will appear around the monitoring screen.

2. The interface between camera and lens does not match

The mismatch of the interface affects the distance between the second set of points of the lens and the camera chip, and the actual focal length is not the nominal focal length of the lens, resulting in the failure to focus. Standard gun camera interface and lens interface should be both C interface or CS interface; C interface lens must be installed on CS interface camera with adapter ring; CS interface lens cannot be installed on C interface camera. The common gun camera interface is usually designed as CS interface, which can be connected to CS interface lens or add adapter ring to connect C interface lens.

3. The driving mode or voltage of camera and lens aperture do not match

The automatic aperture lens is usually divided into DC drive and video drive. The working voltage of the two is not exactly the same. This mismatch will cause the aperture of the lens not to open normally, so it will not be able to image naturally.

4. Wiring problem, wrong connection or loose interface

There will be various connections between the monitoring camera, the lens and the display (more for the equipment with pan tilt and controller). If these connections are wrong or loose, the system will not work normally. Here we also remind you to carefully read the operation manual of the equipment before installation.
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