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Temperature measurement and resolution record of intelligent face recognition terminal

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Pb-08a00 (no touch) / pb-08ac0 (with touch) flat face recognition terminal adopts all aluminum alloy shell; waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistance; 8-inch LCD screen, super quad core CPU; binocular RGB + infrared camera; white, green, red three-color fill light, dual infrared fill light; can realize face detection, face recognition, attribute detection, living detection, etc., which is widely used in smart gold Integration, smart city, smart campus, smart construction site, smart Park, smart power, smart environmental protection, smart fire protection and management projects.

Wide dynamic dual camera live anti-counterfeiting: Night infrared, RGB dual fill light; support serial port, Wigan 26, 34 input / output, output content support configuration;

Fast recognition speed: (a) face tracking and detection takes about 20 ms

(b) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms

(c) In vivo face detection takes 0.2ms,

(d) 5 ms for feature comparison (10000 person database, average value for multiple recognition);

Dynamic face detection based on video stream: tracking recognition algorithm.
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