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How to set RS232 serial data communication protocol for camera module interface

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 RS232 serial data communication protocol for camera module interface

RS232 serial data communication protocol

A. 1 communication transmission agreement

A. 1. 1 communication mode

The data transmission of RS232 interface of the recorder adopts asynchronous serial mode, the communication rate is 115200bps, and it contains 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and odd check.

A. 1.2 transmission agreement

RS232 data communication of recorder shall follow the following transmission agreement:

a) The data in this protocol adopts hexadecimal code, 8421BCD code, ASC II character code and GB 2312 character set (represented by euc-cn);

b) The communication between the communication machine (computer or data acquisition instrument) and the recorder is initiated by the communication machine, which sends a command data frame (with

The recorder returns the agreed response data frame (hereinafter referred to as the response frame);

c) There are two types of command frames: the first is data acquisition command frame, the second is setting parameter command frame;

d) The length of the data block of the response frame should be no more than 1000 bytes, and the acquisition of large data block can be realized by sending command frames many times.

A. 1.3 command frame data format

The command frame is sent to the recorder by the communication machine. It has two byte start word, one byte command word, two byte data block length, one byte reserved (standby) word, several byte data block and one byte check word. The data format is shown in table a.1
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