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What is the word graphic sign, nameplate, connecting wire, connector, fuse

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The host of the recorder shall adopt the integrated standard DIN structure, and each component module shall be located in the host body. Using 1DIN structure, before the host

The panel size shall meet the requirements of (188mm ± 2mm) × (60mm ± 2mm). The hole size of the host of the recorder with embedded installation mode of vehicle instrument panel shall not be greater than 1820 + 0.8mm * 530 + 0.5mm; if 2din structure is adopted, the size of front panel of host shall meet the requirements of (188mm ± 2mm) × (112mm ± 2mm), The hole size of recorder host with embedded installation mode of vehicle instrument panel shall not be greater than 1780 + 0.8mm × 1000 + 0.5mm.

The external surface of each component of the recorder shall be smooth and smooth, without defects such as dent, scratch, crack, deformation, etc. The surface of metal casing shall be provided with anti rust and anti-corrosion coating, and metal parts shall not be rusted. The display screen should be clear and complete without defect. If lead sealing device is used, the lead seal shall be intact.

4.1.3 words, graphics and signs

The words, graphics and marks used on the recorder shall meet the following requirements:

a) Durable, eye-catching and standard;

b) The graphic signs used to indicate the driving conditions of vehicles shall comply with the provisions of GB 4094;

c) The words in the display, operation instructions, nameplates and signs shall be in Chinese, and other words may be used at the same time as required.

4.1.4 name plate

The recorder shall be provided with nameplates, which shall meet the following requirements:

a) The name plate shall be installed at the eye-catching position on the surface of the recorder host, and the nameplate shall be installed firmly;

b) The name plate shall be marked with manufacturer's information, product name in Chinese, specification and model, unique number of recorder host, etc.

Electrical components

4.2.1 power supply

The power supply of recorder shall be vehicle power supply.

4.2.2 connecting wires

Flame retardant low-voltage wires with temperature characteristic grade no less than - 40 ℃~ 105 ℃ shall be used for connecting wires of recorder.

The color of the basic connecting wire of the recorder shall meet the requirements of Table 1.

4.2.3 connector

The connector should be located at the rear of the host. When the connector is used, the line color at both ends of the plug should be the same. If there are more than two plugs, the plugs shall not be interchangeable.

After the connection, the plug and socket shall be firmly and reliably connected without looseness and poor contact.

4.2.4 fuse

If fuse is used in recorder, rated current value of fuse shall be clearly marked at the place where fuse is used.

The installation and replacement of fuse should be convenient.
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