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What is the basis of the preliminary design of the camera module system?

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What is the basis of the preliminary design of the camera module system

1. Relevant laws and regulations and current national standards.

2. Relevant management regulations of the construction unit or its competent department.

3. Design specification.

4. Site investigation report, relevant architectural drawings and data.

A. 4.2 the preliminary design shall include the following contents:

1. Requirement analysis of the construction unit and overall conception of engineering design (including framework and system of protection system)


2. The layout of the front-end equipment and the description of the monitoring range.

3. Selection of front end equipment (including camera, lens, pan tilt, protective cover, etc.).

4. Selection of central equipment (including control host, display equipment, recording equipment, etc.).

5. Description of signal transmission mode, route and pipeline laying.

6. Site selection, area, temperature and humidity, lighting requirements and equipment layout of the monitoring center.

7. System safety, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental adaptability, power supply, lightning protection and grounding, etc

A description of.

8. Interface relationship with other systems (such as linkage, integration mode, etc.).

9. After the completion of the system, the expected effect is explained and the consideration of system scalability is given.

10. Requirements and suggestions for civil air defense and material air defense.

11. Design and construction integration enterprises should provide after-sales service and technical training commitment.

A. 4.3 the preliminary design documents shall include design description, design drawings, list of main equipment and materials and project budget


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