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display screen for data communication safety warning function of vehicle mounted camera module operation

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Data communication interface

The recorder should at least be equipped with RS232 serial interface, USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface, driver identification interface and positioning communication antenna interface.

RS232 serial interface, USB interface and driver identification interface should be located in the front of the host. All communication interfaces shall not be interchangeable, and effective protection devices shall be configured in non use state. RS232 serial communication

RS232 serial interface should be DB9 port type and cross communication interface.

When the recorder works normally, the RS232 serial interface should be able to automatically identify the communication commands defined by the data communication protocol without triggering by keys or other peripherals.

The serial communication protocol of RSA shall comply with the provisions of appendix 232. USB communication

USB interface connector shall be USB type A.

USB interface shall support USB2.0 standard host mode, and recorder shall be able to write data record file to USB storage device through USB interface, and the data storage format of writing file shall conform to Appendix B. driver identification communication

The recorder shall be able to record the driver's identity through integrated circuit card (IC card). Before and after driving, the driver should log in and out by IC card, and login and exit should be carried out at the end of driving.

Contact or non-contact IC card can be used for driver identification card. The IC card shall be able to record the driver's information such as vehicle driver's license number, and the data storage format shall comply with the provisions of Appendix C.

The contact IC card shall meet the following conditions: the physical characteristics shall meet the requirements of GB / T 16649.1, and the size and position of contacts shall meet the requirements of GB / T 16649.2. The front of recorder host shall be equipped with card reading device matching IC card, and the card reading device shall be equipped with dust protection device, and at least be able to read the data of 24C0X series and 4442 series IC cards. safety warning function

The recorder shall be able to prompt the driver to standardize driving behavior by voice, with the prompt frequency of 1 group every 5 minutes, and each group will prompt 3 times continuously. The types of prompts include:

a) Before and within 30 minutes after the occurrence of overtime driving, the driver will be prompted to stop and rest, and the continuous driving time will be displayed on the display at the same time

And so on;

b) When the driver drives the vehicle without logging in, the driver will be prompted to log in identity within the first 30 minutes, and the display will display the login at the same time

Prompt information;

c) When the vehicle speed is greater than the speed limit set by the recorder, or the speed difference between the speed limit and the speed limit is in the range of 0km / H ~ 5km / h, prompt the driver to control the driving speed;

d) When the speed state of the recorder is judged as abnormal, it will prompt that the speed state is abnormal, and the prompt time is 5min. display function display

The display shall meet the following requirements:

a) The display screen should be located in the front of the recorder host, and the display screen should be able to display Chinese characters, letters and numbers that can be edited;

b) The display characters should be complete, clear and standard, and can read correctly without relying on the ambient light source;

c) When displaying data parameters, the definition of display content shall be marked with Chinese characters, and the height of displayed characters shall not be less than 3mm;

d) The display shall be in working state after the ignition switch is powered on;

e) Under constant speed, the range of speed display value shall not exceed 1km / h. display content

When there is no key operation or in the driving state, the default display interface should at least display the real-time time, the real-time driving speed of the vehicle, and the working status of the positioning module; when in the warning state, the display interface should display prompt information such as overtime driving, driver's identity login, speed status, etc.

The query of other information can be realized by operating the buttons. The query should be carried out through the menu. The query contents should at least include:

a) Vehicle and driver information, including: vehicle information should at least include vehicle license number, vehicle license classification, pulse coefficient and current status signal value, and driver information should at least include current registered driver's license number;

b) Overtime driving record: the overtime driving record in the last two calendar days shall be displayed in reverse order of occurrence time. Each overtime driving record shall include: motor vehicle driving license number, continuous driving start time and continuous driving end time. operation keys

The operation buttons should be located in the front of the recorder host, and the buttons should at least include "menu" 、 "+" 、 "OK" four operation buttons.

a) The name of the operation key shall be marked at the corresponding position;

b) The parameters such as time and pulse coefficient can not be modified only by using operation keys;

c) The speed and overtime driving records recorded by the recorder can not be deleted through the operation button;

d) Keys are defined as follows:

"Menu" -- switch between default display interface and menu interface, and return subdirectory to root directory;

"+" -- up selection to complete the selection of function or data items;

"{" - turn down selection to complete the selection of function or data column items;

"Confirm" -- to confirm the function or data column item, and press the key continuously for 3S in the default display interface to trigger the printing function.
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