USB camera module | high frame rate global exposure object recognition auto focus face recognition biometric security industrial control medical vision 5g artificial intelligence sensor | VR 2K 4K 8K HDR ahd dual lens module high definition USB camera module manufacturer

Camera module reliability test high and low temperature test box product test

Our engineers are doing product testing for customers, and w...


Distorted lens and packaging of USB wide-angle camera

This is a wide Angle lens, and we can see that it has severe...


Mipi camera module binocular camera face brushing payment device

This is a device to adjust and test the MIPI camera module, ...


2MP USB camera module PCB patch test

This is a newly designed PCB board. Our engineers are attach...


Lens installation of USB camera module and fixing of focusing distance lens

We are now focusing the lens, this is the key step, we will ...


Aging test of 38 * 38mm USB camera module

This is the 38*38mm camera module we are going to release to...


Design and customization of parts in camera module USB module

This is a window connecting the workshop and the warehouse, ...


Test the environmental adaptability of USB camera module in high and low temperature cabinet

We are testing the camera module using our high and low temp...


USB binocular camera module of card swiping attendance machine

The quality assurance before shipment enables us to win the ...


Manufacturing technology of USB camera module pasted with PCB

This is a PCB board designed by us. No parts have been paste...


The USB camera module does not drop the cable under long-term test

The quality of the products we ship is guaranteed. This is t...


USB camera module low temperature operating temperature test

This is the USB camera module we are about to ship. Now we s...

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